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Mark 9.49 in #Logos 6 (@Logos) (Lexham Textual Notes + Ancient Lit. Database)

You’ll just have to deal with me for a minute. I am not a sales rep nor do I participate


Book Notes: @IVPAcademic’s “Jesus, the Temple and the Coming Son of Man: A Commentary on Mark 13”

Robert H. Stein has written a very specific book on a very particular chapter in the Gospel According to Saint


Two new books on the Gospel of Mark (@fortresspress and @ivpacademic)

both look interesting… Scholars of the Gospel of Mark usually discuss the merits of patristic references to the Gospel’s origin


Jesus’s (building) entries into Jerusalem (Mark 11.11–27)

This is really for discussion… In Mark 11, Jesus enters into Jerusalem 3 times, each one more grander than the


Working on my #SBLAAR (2014) paper, “There and Back Again, A Jesus Tale: The Poetics of Apologetic Reversal”

I will propose Mark is borrowing two well-known and horrible entries into Jerusalem. First up, Mark 11.1-17: Καὶ ὅτε ἐγγίζουσιν

Gospel Criticism

on John’s use of Mark – the thrice prediction

I found this old post of James McGrath about the prediction of Jesus’s death. I guess I found it like


{Insert Catchy Title} Adam Winn, Vespasian, and @garetrobinson

]] has made a decisive turn from the search for the literary sources of the Gospel of Mark to discovering


The Only 2 Marks that matter on GMark

Dr. Goodacre has provided us this. I personally thank the good Lord for all of the snow that has lead