Colossians-Ephesians, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the Early Church

I realize that the title is a wholly anachronistic view of these two books. I admit and I own my


Ephesians 2.11-22 – The Destruction of the Temple, Theomachy, Necessity of the Gentile Mission

This is a, um, you know… rough draft for a paper for NT2.  What is commonly called Paul’s Epistle to


Review: The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God

Did  you know that God is the most high but not  alone on the cosmic stage? It so declares ]]


Timothy Gombis on the Church as the Temple

I admit – I enjoy a good historical drama mixed with a lot of science fiction. While not exactly the


Montonini’s interview with Tim Gombis, author of The Drama of Ephesians

Matthew Montonini has interviewed Tim Gombis, author of The Drama of Ephesians, which is on my list. 2. Your main


Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 3 – Analysis

Psalm 3 – A Psalm. Pertaining to Salomon. Concerning the Righteous. A psalm of Solomon; concerning the righteous. Why do

Church Government

The Goal of Unity – The Apocalypse

I know, the title is a little bit odd, but, I have been toying with this idea for a while

Church History

De Unitate Ecclesiae, pt 1

Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage during some of the most severe persecutions, left the world with a great deal of writings,