In the mail, @FortressPress, “Telling Tales about Jesus: An Introduction to the New Testament Gospels”

A new book by Warren Carter? Yes, please. Warren Carter leads the beginning student in an inductive exploration of the

Gospel Criticism

Dammit Bultmann! Stop rationalizing the miracles! The Bread, Loaves, and Myth

Rudolf Bultmann, the father of demythologization, urged people to get behind the text. On that, I agree. I also agree

Gospel Criticism

Proverbs 22 as the Mimetic Precursor to Matthew 10 (Also, Luke used Matthew and Mark)

I’d like you to compare, for a moment, Matthew 10 and Proverbs 22 (see it in the LXX here). Not,

Gospel Criticism

science approaches the way memory changes

Memory research is interesting exactly because of the way we remember things – even the way we remember the remembrances

Gospel Criticism

on John’s use of Mark – the thrice prediction

I found this old post of James McGrath about the prediction of Jesus’s death. I guess I found it like

Gospel Criticism

(video) Dr Peter Williams – New Evidences the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts

I wanted to save this for later. If any Gospel is from an eyewitness account, it could be Mark –

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Why the Farrer-Goulder and Goodacre theory is a “better” methodology

I am in the midst of a lot of outside things at the moment and cannot contribute like I would

Gospel Criticism

Before you go on in the Q discussion…”On Dispensing with Q”

This essay must accompany your discussion, along with any of ]] books on Gospel origins, including his recent on on