Don’t forget – Learning German Quickly Google+ Chat tonight 7pm Eastern

That’s right… moving to chapter 2!

Don’t forget to join us.

Also, don’t ever, ever, open up Google+ chat to the public.

Trust me.

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First Learning German Quickly Session is done

It was great. We did a little pronunciation. Had some fun.

For thus unable to join us, no worries. We got through the first chapter.

I’ll recommend rereading the intro and first chapter and joining us for chapter 2 next week.

Same time, same place.

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Don’t Forget, today is the Learning German Quickly on Google+

Now, even if you don’t have a copy, you can join us. I will open up the hangout at about 6:55 Eastern on Google+.

learning german quickly
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Use Facebook to help in learning German

Thanks to Tom for this –

Go to the lower right hand side of your facebook homepage, click on the ‘English (US)’ link. It will open up your language settings. Click on ‘Western Europe’ and then on ‘Deutsch’

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Orthodox Advice on Learning German

Thanks to Ken for this…

The problem with learning any new language is that it isn’t just one thing to learn; it is several quite distinct things that each must be mastered. You can have a perfect understanding of grammar but have to look up every other word in a dictionary. Or you can learn to speak fluently but not be able to read a sentence. Grammar, reading, writing, speaking, hearing–each is a distinct skill with plenty of overlap but not as much as one might expect. Each requires its own distinct strategies–and lots of practice–which can make learning a language very frustrating and time-consuming. I’ve studied eight languages now, and the only one I can claim to have mastered in all of these areas… is English. (here)

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Resources for Learning German (Group to Assemble 14 June on Google+ – All are welcome)

Unique Traits of the German Alphabet:

  • More than 26 letters in the alphabet – German has a so called extended latin alphabet
  • The extra letters are ä, ö, ü and ß
  • The pronunciation of some of these letters do not exist in the English language
  • Several letters are pronounced more from the back of the throat: g, ch, r (though in Austria the r is trilled).
  • The W in German sounds like the V in English
  • The V in German sounds like the F in English
  • Most of the time the S in German sounds like Z in English when placed at the beginning of a word followed by a vowel.
  • The letter ß is the only letter that will never be at the beginning of a word.

    Click on the following letters to hear them pronounced. (Audio saved as .wav files.)

    Das Deutsche Alphabet/ The German Alphabet

    Buchstabe/ LetterAussprache des Buchstabenamens/ Pronunciation of letter nameAussprache des Buchstaben – wie in/ Sound of Letter – as inBeispiele/ Examples
    A aahastronautder Adler (eagle), Januar(January)
    B bapproximate: baybabyder Bruder (brother), aber (but)
    C capproximate: tsaycreative, Celcius (soft c sound in German sounds likets)der Chor, der Christkindlmarkt(south German term for der Weihnachtsmarkt/ Christmas market), Celcius
    D dapproximate: daydollarDienstag (Tuesday), oder (or)
    E eapproximate: ayelegantessen (to eat), zuerst (first)
    F feffeffortder Freund (friend), offen (open)
    G gapproximate: gaygorgeousgut (good), gemein (mean)
    H hhaahammerder Hammer, dieMühle (mill)
    I ieehIgorder Igel (porcupine), der Imbiss(snack), sieben (seven)
    J jyotyellowdas Jahr (year), jeder (each)
    K kkahcameldas Kamel, der Kuchen (cake)
    L lelllovedie Leute (people), das Land(land)
    M memmander Mann, die Ameise
    N nennicenicht (not), die Münze (coin)
    O oohovenOstern (Easter),rot (red)
    P papproximate: paypartydie Polizei (police), der Apfel
    Q qkoocoraldas Quadrat (square), die Quelle(source)
    Note: All German words start with qu (kw – sound)
    R rapproximate: errichder Rücken (the back), der Stern(star)
    S seszoo, shine, mousesummen (to hum), schön (pretty, nice), die Maus
    T tapproximate: taytyrantder Tyrannacht (eight)
    U uoohou sound in youdie Universität (university), derMund (mouth)
    V vfowfatherder Vogel (bird), die Nerven(nerves)
    W wapproximate: vayvandie Wange (cheek), das Schwein(pig, wieviel (how much)
    X xixsounds like kzdas Xylofon/ Xylophon, die Hexe(witch)
    Note: There are hardly any German words that start with X
    Y yuep-si-lohnyellowdie Yucca, der Yeti
    Note: There are hardly any German words that start with Y.
    Z ztsetsounds like tsdie Zeitung (newspaper), derZigeuner (gypsy)

    Umlaut + ß

    Aussprache des Buchstaben/ Pronunciation of LetterBeispiele/ Examples
    äsounds similar to the e in melonähnlich (similar), gähnen (to yawn)
    ösounds similar to the i in girlÖsterreich (Austria), der Löwe(lion)
    üno equivalent nor approximate sound in Englishüber (over),müde (tired)
    ß(esszet)double s soundheiß (hot),die Straße (street)
  • Learn more specifics of several German letters and their dipthongs in the following articles:
    Pronunciation Part 2
    Pronunciation Part 3
  • Starting to feel comfortable with German pronunciation? Put your pronunciation to the test with these Zungenbrecher (tongue twisters).
  • More pronunciation practice with these Alphabet Exercises.
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Daily German Verse – 6/6

Nun wir denn sind gerecht geworden durch den Glauben, so haben wir Frieden mit Gott durch unsern HERRN Jesus Christus

Remember, this is from the Luther translation (I believe)

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Daily German Verse – 6/5

Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt, daß er seinen eingeborenen Sohn gab, auf daß alle, die an ihn glauben, nicht verloren werden, sondern das ewige Leben haben.

In the world of Google, it is difficult to say “guess.” But, try to read it first and see if you can figure it out.

Gott = God.

Welt = World

Leben = Life

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