Sirach 2:7-18 – Reward and Woe

The reward of those who fear the Lord (7)  You who fear the Lord, wait for his mercy; and turn


Sirach 1.22-30 – Self-Control brings Wisdom

In this section, the writer gives us the virtues of a life of self-control. (22)  Unrighteous anger cannot be justified,


Sirach 2.1-6 – Trust in the Lord

(1)  My child, if you come to be a subject to the Lord, prepare yourself for testing. The sense is


Sirach 1.1-8 Wisdom’s Beginning

I have written several posts on Sirach, sections that I have found useful, interesting, and intriguing, and in doing so,


Sirach 1.9-18 – The Fear of the Lord

Sirach 1:9-18 (9)  The fear of the Lord is glory and exultation, and gladness and a crown of rejoicing. (10) 


Sirach 9.1-9: The Perilous Association with Women

Sirach is essentially a book of Jewish wisdom in Greek demotic, showcasing post-exilic, pre-Maccabean Jewish life. In this section, we


Sirach 5.1-8 God is the Lord (Reposted – Revised and Expanded)

Sirach 5:1-8 (1)  Do not set your heart on your wealth, nor say, “I am independent.” (2)  Do not follow


Sirach 4. 20-31 – Indifferent Humility

Continuing our Commentary on Sirach 4:20-31 (20)  Observe the right time, and beware of evil; and do not bring shame