James 1.27… and Sirach 4.10

In reading several commentaries, I keep seeing James 1.27 referred back to Isaiah 1.15-16. Admittedly, because I don’t have the


Sirach’s God (2.18)

My son and I, as our Lenten practice, have selected to read a passage of Scripture every morning. We have


Protestants May Have a Deficient Canon…heretics

Michael Barber has a post up, leading to another post, and was pointed out by this guy. Barber gives a


A new fragment of the book of Ben Sira, T-S AS 118.78

Scholars Shulamit Elizur and ]] have a piece up about the newest fragment of Sirach The original Hebrew text of


A new fragment of Sirach now displayed

From the ISDCL: Friedberg Genizah Project: One interesting finding concerning a BL fragment from Ben-Sira is worth mentioning. This fragment


Sirach 3.24-29 – The Heart

Continuing our commentary on Sirach, (24)  A hard heart will be afflicted at the end, and whoever loves danger will


Sirach 3.17-23 – Humility and Honor

Sirach – Ben Sira – is focused a great deal on the Law, and if we take this passage in


Sirach 3.1-16 – The Father and Mother’s honor

This passage from Sirach seems to be a midrash on the fifth commandment, “Honor your father and your mother, that