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The product description for the pre-pub’d Revised English Bible goes like this: The Apocrypha—a Greek word meaning “hidden things”—is composed

Psalm 151

Psalm 151 and the Borg

Ha! All you crazy Protestants… Missing parts of the bible…


A Song for Discussing Daniel – Neil Young, Oh Susanna

Gotta get this album…


Wisdom of Solomon is Against Carrier’s Eschatological Isaiah 53

Before I was invested so heavily with Mark, I was a huge fan of the Wisdom of Solomon. Reading through


The Real Old Testament Canon…. heretics

Random quote to whet  your interest…. While the New Testament does not record Our Lord communicating a list of inspired


Tim Keller, ANE Myths, τύπος, and the Mythological Adam

Tim Keller – THE GOSPEL COALITION – supports the allowance of science to teach about God’s Creation. Further, he understands


Old Testament Theology (vol 1.) – One Thing That Doesn’t Work

This will be the final installment in my review of Old Testament Theology (vol. 1) from IVP Academic.  You can


Why Can’t We Study Extra-Canonical Texts?

In my second year at Ball State University–go Cards!–I took a communications course. Essentially, it was a speech class. We