The title for the new book: “Jesus as Divine…”

Look… I know. The title is… something. But buy the book before you attempt to burn me at the stake.


Books I’m Reading: Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

]] is by far one of my favorite authors. In each of his books, he speaks of the great friendship


Toward a Theology of Mental Health and Wholeness (1)

My project for the new year has been to make an attempt at a theology dealing with mental health. While


Book Notice: Inside the Miracles of Jesus

Jessica LaGrone has a new book out. Jesus demonstrated the presence and power of God by performing miracles. He turned


Books I’m Reading: Theories of Man and Culture

This is an older book, but given that it is a consideration of some of the giants of pre-WWII anthropology,


Books I’m Reading: A Guide to the Good Life

 I finished the one on Cicero. He died a rather gruesome death, sacrificed to Mark Antony … but it


Books I’m Reading: Cicero

Fred Craddock, the great narrative preacher, recommended to his students and preachers that they read a fiction book, co-mingled with


Augustine, Addiction, and Asses

At my church, we recently had a Narcan training session. For those who might be unaware, this is the treatment