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This comes from a discussion over the weekend. Thought I’d share and expand it a bit. Doctrine: lex orandi lex


St. Vincent of Lerins on Development of Faith (Orthodoxy) v. Alteration

Thomas Oden looks to St. Vincent as a way to give rebirth to orthodoxy. I would like to explore St.


does the 2nd Person of the Trinity tell us about the sacred worth of others?

My interest in the concept of personhood is multifarious as I believe it will help in building a proper theology for

Vincent of Lerins

Vincent of Lerins – Why the Church decides the Interpretation of Scripture

I was first made familiar of Vincent of Lerins through the use of the Orthodox Study Bible, finding him to

Vincent of Lerins

Vincent of Lerins On Christ, the Church, and Scripture

Vincent of Lerins is, like Boethius, a favorite of mine from the post-Nicene writers.

Theophilus of Antioch

The Ineffability of God

Why is it, if God is ineffable, do we spend so much time attempting to describe Him in the exact