Church History

5th Century Canonical Criticism

Below is a translation from an anonymous work, Dialogue of Timothy and Aquila, which has been dated to the early


Tertullian’s Formula in Greek

Tertullian’s Formula was never used for much of the 4th century Christological debates, surprisingly enough. It was, however, redefined by


Tertullian on Halloween and Fall Festivals

I know, I know…Tertullian didn’t write about Halloween, but what if he did? Growing up, the only local congregations who

Liturgy and Worship

Tertullian's Worshiping Community

Tertullian was perhaps one of the greatest minds in early Christendom – regardless of what you think about his doctrine


Tertullian on Baptismal Regeneration

Continuing our discussion on the Church Fathers and baptismal regeneration…


Tertullian on Environmentalism

Do I think Tertullian was what we could consider Green by today’s standards? I don’t know – who cares? He


Tertullian, OT Law, and the “Husband of One Wife”

I have recently become aware of the ‘ramblings’ from James, and I am glad that he did. Please go read

Church History

Tertullian on the Plurality of Gods and Lords

Besides, if, from that perfect knowledge7916 Conscientia. which assures us that the title of God and Lord is suitable both