“the earliest creed is…” moving on…

I keep hearing this tired refrain: “‘Jesus is Lord’ is the earliest creed.” They are pulling this phrase from 1


Tertullian on Interpreting Scripture

…Now there are two conditions of prophetic announcement which I adduce, as requiring the assent of our adversaries in the


Tertullian on the why of Matthew 1.1 #advent14ccumwv

Tertullian is the John Wesley of the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

John Chrysostom

Tertullian and St. John Chrysostom on Isaiah 45.7

The verse in English, Hebrew, and Greek (LXX): I make the light, I create the darkness; author alike of wellbeing


Tertullian – Whose image is this?

From the At the beginning of the world all things were made by the Word of God «and without


Tertullian – Pagan Philosophy the Parent of Heresies

Prescription Against Heretics VII — These are “the doctrines” of men and “of demons” produced for itching ears of the


Tertullian – The Universalist?

It is therefore quite in keeping with this order of things, that that part of our nature should be the


Early Church Fathers on Freedom of Religion

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