The Millenary Petition and why it’s important to women ministers

I’m currently writing a paper on KJV Onlyism and came across the Millenary Petition which supposedly was the initiator for


Luther, Erasmus and Bondage – Quick Thoughts

Introduction: The 1525 response by Martin Luther to the previous year’s earnest proposal by Erasmus, our prince of humanism, is


Quick Thoughts on Calvin, Quickly….

I am no fan of John Calvin, namely for both of aforementioned infamous actions (the murder of Servetus and the


Wednesdays with Wesley – Sanctification by Faith

It is thus that we wait for entire sanctification; for a full salvation from all our sins, from pride, self-will,

John Wesley

Wednesdays with Wesley – A Call to Backsliders

But let not any man infer from this longsuffering of God, that he hath given any one a license to

John Wesley

Wednesdays with Wesley – From the Sermon, “Awake, Thou That Sleepest”

But know ye not, that, however highly esteemed among men such a Christian as this may be, he is an

John Wesley

Wednesday’s with Wesley – from The Almost Christian

But who are the living witnesses of these things? I beseech you, brethren, as in the presence of that God


The Reformers’ Canon? (N.T Wright)

Wright, in responding to Vanhoozer’s essay, notes that in listening to the Reformers in their canonical context, that the moderns