To Save Protestantism, should we turn to… Mary?

Continuing with a post(al) thought from yesterday, I am reminded that many Reformers allowed for Mary’s place in Christian theology.

John Wesley

John Wesley on enthusiasts and their false witness

These are stanzas 18 and 19 of his sermon, linked to below: A second sort of enthusiasm is that of


Review of @ivpacademic’s Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition

I must admit, I love these little books. After turning friends on to their value, either through Logos or the


Looks like Luther got one thing right after all, I mean, besides the beer

“Our prayer should include the Mother of God.. .What the Hail Mary says is that all glory should be given

John Wesley

Peter Böhler

Peter Böhler was a bishop in the Moravian Church and one who influenced John Wesley very much. Peter Bohler, a


Did Luther Inspire Pre-Marx Marxism? Talk about Getting the Reformation Wrong…

Actually, no…. but then again, had those peasants read Payton’s book, they wouldn’t have revolted… or at least not blamed


Would Zwingli have approved of my view of Mark, Matthew, and Stoicism?

Zwingli was one of the greatest minds of the Reformation, no doubt. There may be cause to disagree with him

Church History

John Howard Yoder on Zwingli’s Pacifism (Kinda)

There are a lot of dilettantes and pseudo-theologians from the Reformed Tradition who have argued online and in their publications