Zwingli on Baptismal Regeneration

As with Luther and Calvin, we are examining different views from the Reformation on Baptismal Regeneration. Zwingli is perhaps the


John Calvin on Baptismal Regeneration

As with Luther, I am posting these for discussion. Did Calvin believe in a form of baptismal regeneration? Maybe not


Martin Luther on Baptismal Regeneration

In recent discussions on baptismal regeneration, a wholly unProtestant view, it seems, I mentioned Luther in an unrelated point (he


John Calvin on the Holiness of the Church of Jesus Christ

Never I fan of Calvin, I am reading Stroup’s Calvin (Abingdon Press, Pillars of Theology Series) and noticed a comment


500 Years Later, Retracing Martin Luther's Steps to Reformation

Wittenberg, Holy Roman Empire, 1517. A young monk marches up to the castle church and nails a piece of parchment

Church History

Our Mother Tongue: The Commonality of the Anglican and the Eastern Orthodox

I picked this post up last week, but was to busy to repost it – in it’s entirety because it


Divorce and Remarriage from Augustine to Zwingli

I am posting this for two reasons – one, because of an ongoing conversation about the Catholic practice of annulment


The Five Articles of the Remonstrance

I have not posted anything specifically Arminian in a long time, but I cam across this article and thought it