Heinrich Bullinger, Reformer

Another Reformer, often unknown, was Heinrich Bullinger. Below are a few quotes – feel free to add your own. “This


95 Theses Nailed to the Door, October 31, 1517

Today is Reformation Day – enjoy. Out of love for the truth and the desire to bring it to light,


You might be a Lutheran if…

…you only serve Jell-O in the proper liturgical color for the season. …you didn’t know chow mein noodles were a


Martin Luther – Here I Stand

Martin Luther, for all of his faults, and those who followed him, accomplished more than many who had gone before


ignorant laity (a quote by John Calvin)

I believe in icons, but I think that using them in the place of sound teaching produces idol worshipers. If we read

John Wesley

Wesley, “right opinions” and assurance (Re: Exeter)

I was reading some of Wesley’s works the other day, finding in them a complete and easy rebuttal to the


Anselm v. Calvin

The Church has never taken an official stance on what exactly it was that Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection accomplished

John Wesley

John Wesley on Pelagius

With the Logos set of Wesley’s complete works, I can easily scan for those nasty topics like Pelagius. Here are