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Justin Martyr’s Absolution of Constantine’s Sunday

This is sort of a repost, bringing back a post from 2009 to meet something we discussed this past week


Sunday School – An Appeal to Rome (Justin and Diognetus)

Following last week’s need to be hated by Rome (i.e., World System) we find Christians appealing to Rome for an

Justin Martyr

More on Ἀπομνημονεύματα and the Gospels

First, read here. Dr. Bird has responded. The reason the connection between Justin and the Socratic defense by Xenophon is

Justin Martyr

Ἀπομνημονεύματα – Justin Martyr, Xenophon, and the Evangelists

Just putting some thoughts on paper here. The first recorded genre classification of the Gospels were by Justin Martyr. He

Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr – Christus Victor

I’ve recently become interested in the powers which Christ defeated in the mythic Christus Victor. No one seems to name

Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr on Fearlessly Confessing because of Creation

But lest some one say to us, “Go then all of you and kill yourselves, and pass even now to


Isaiah 54.9, Wisdom 14: Which ἀντίτυπον of Baptism in 1st Peter 3.20-21?

In the Dialogue with Trypho the Jew, Justin writes:

Justin Martyr

The Virgin Birth and Justin Martyr

He is not my favorite Church Father, nor do I really consider him as a Church Father…but that is another