John Wesley

More with Meister Eckhart

Image via Wikipedia I am studying some of the medieval mystics in the West, and one which keeps coming to


In the Mail: The Sound of (Methodist) Music….

Thanks to Michael at the University of Illinois press, From the product description: Providing new insight into the Wesley family,

Church History

The Eastern Orthodox Influence on Wesleyan Theology

Image via Wikipedia As a part of the assignment this week, we were asked to analyze briefly the similarities between

John Wesley

John Wesley to William Wilberforce – Do Something!

Our Pastor mentioned this on Sunday morning, so I had to find it. And finding it, I had to share


The Serious Man to John Wesley – Solitary Religion

In today’s age, we are being hit with an onslaught of words and diatribes against ‘corporate religion’ – that belief


John Wesley on the ‘catholic spirit’

It is very possible, that many good men now also may entertain peculiar opinions; and some of them may be

John Wesley

John Wesley on so close, but yet, so far away

But still a man may judge as accurately as the devil, and yet be as wicked as he. HT and

John Wesley

Erasmus of Arcadia, John Wesley and Apostolic Succession

A few Sunday’s ago, we were talking about the importance (to some) of Apostolic Succession, who one wondered how Methodism