Church History

Peter Abelard on Justification as God’s Love and Redemption

This is from ]]’s, ]]: It seems to us that we have been justified by the blood of Christ and


Question of the Day: Justification

I ain’t telling you mine, but what is yours? How do you describe Justification? And for those of you who


A critique on N T Wright’s view of justification by faith

Phil Johnson of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, on N T Wright’s book “The New Perspective on Paul”.


Was Christology as the driving issue of the Reformation?

“The crucial contribution of non-Roman Catholic Christians should be to help Rome recover the defeated teaching of Cardinal Seripando and

God's Word

More on Approval in God’s Word to the Nations

Reading through the GWN, I have find several good points, but there is one which is sticks out. δικαιόω, along

Bible Translation

Examining God’s Word – Romans 5.1-11

This week, we are examining God’s Word Translation in regards to the a literal and a thought for thought translation.