John Wesley

Wesley, Scripture, Inerrancy, and the Shorter Catechism

I’m going to have to disagree with some who insist Wesley was an inerrantist. He wasn’t. I do think he


Bishop Carter, “Evangelical,” Packer, and Inerrancy

Last week, Bishop Carter (Florida) wrote a brief post for Huffington Post. Here, he laments the misconstruing of the word evangelical


A proper view of Scripture?

How should Christians relate to their Bible? The primary locus or home of Scripture in Christianity is the liturgy, the


Buckets, Buckets, Buckets That Don’t Hold Water

Many United Methodists have heard the popular hermeneutical (biblical interpretation) teachings coming from one of our most prominent pastors.  In


Canon Shots: Teaching the canon

Over the past year or so, I’ve engaged others on the topic of canon. Some suggest that the Catholic/Orthodox canon(s)


Dr David Watson on “the whole canon of Scripture”

What are your thoughts?


St. Bonaventure on the depth (of meaning) of Scripture

The entire chapter is worth reading, but St Bonaventure (a mythic and a theologian (really, can you be one or


Canon Shots: “Five Books of Solomon”

At the Council of Carthage in 379, a list of books allowed to be used in worship (Mass, Divine Liturgy)