When I Was Hungry You…A Brief Look At The Social Gospel

This sign has become a popular rallying point for some Democrats, and others that tend toward the more liberal side


So this is going around again…

This piece, written by Luke Timothy Johnson, is going around in the (so called) centrist United Methodist Circles. It was


When you come to the Communion Table, make sure you’ve left Egypt

In God’s covenant with Israel in the Torah, he provided the people with liberation, societal structure, laws and a calendar,


What’s Up With The Narrative Lectionary?

In my wonderings around the interweb last night, I stumbled across the Narrative Lectionary. My curiosity was peaked and so


what if we moved the Pauline Corpus?

The imminent New Testament scholar, Anglican, and good guy Dr Michael Bird posted something on Facebook that caught my eye.


Book Announcement: @UtsDoc’s “Scripture and the Life of God”

I’ve had the pleasure of reading some of this before. This will go into the theological canon of Next Methodism


Dr. David Watson on the New Testament Canon

I still want to focus on my organic theory. But, it would only compliment Watson’s well-stated view.


A good video on the canon 

I still think the NT canon should be explore a bit. I’m going with an organic view of the creation.