When is Redemption?

I often see John 1 misquoted, suggesting we are all “children of God.” While we are all creatures of God,


What is your “spirituality?”

Spirituality is a word often tossed around. “I am spiritual but not religious.” “I prefer spirituality.” “She’s just so spiritual.”


St. John Paul II on Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy

Thought I might share a few of these quotes about orthopraxy before I say something. Catechesis and Life Experience 22.


Cardinal Ratzinger on Discipleship of Jesus v. Discipleship of Christ.

I am going to help lead a new class in the fall (if it all works out) on covenant discipleship,

Christian Education

Follow up to Joel Watts Last Blog

I believe it is time for us to begin to think about these things! Period! Joel Watts last blog in


You keep using that word, χλιαρός

The ‘lukewarmness’ of Laodicea is to be related to the local water-supply, as suggested by Rudwick and Green. Their interpretation


Oh @pontifex, you know how to woo me.

The act of confession is something Protestants often fail to understand. “The Sacraments of Penance and Reconciliation flow directly from


Wednesdays with Wesley – Sanctification by Faith

It is thus that we wait for entire sanctification; for a full salvation from all our sins, from pride, self-will,