The Trinity is a Work, not Faith

Well, everything comes around again. So some are discussing the confusion of many with the Gospel and certain doctrines. First,


The pre-existence of Christ.

I’m wanting to ask a few questions about the pre-existence of Christ as I am preparing a sermon on Colossians.


Will the real Trinitarian please stand up?

First, Nick has clearly stepped off the deep end in regards to a biblical framework by declaring everyone who doesn’t


Willimon and the (Christian) Power of Naming God

Willimon posits: The whole doctrine of the Trinity is our attempt to name the God who has met us in


Is McGrath being fair or a monotheist?

In a subject likely to cause some heartache, the professor has decided to resurrect the controversy known as ‘Was Paul


James B Torrance on the Trinity

The Bible doesn’t give a thorough doctrine of the Trinity but what it is absolutely clear about is that we

Church History

The Urantia Book and the Nature of Jesus

According to the Urantia Book, Jesus and the Spirit are one and the same. In a recent discussion with some,


Are you a monotheist or a henotheist?

Pastor Bob has a post up in response to something Miroslav Volf said. Read it here: Ponderings on a Faith