Just how wrong is the #ESV Study Bible? Pretty Darn, even denying the central role of Christ like @AiG

Thanks to Jason for bringing this to my attention, of just how awful the ESV Study Bible notes really are.


Was Paul’s early Christology Arian?

First, read Isaiah 9.5 in the Septuagint: because a child was born for us, a son also given to us,


Quote of the DECADE: Jason E. Vickers

I am more troubled by what United Methodists will not be talking about at General Conference. For example, what are


Quote of the Day: Cessationism and C. Marvin Pate

Pate writes, In my opinion, I fear that the skepticism of miracles espoused by Hume and others undergirds the cessationist’s

John of Damascus

Trinitarian Tuesday: John of Damascus on the Procession of the Spirit

This, again, is part of an ongoing series, but also dealing with the role of the Spirit in Justification: “proceeding

Church History

Trinitarian Tuesdays: John of Damascus on the Trinity, from On Holy Images

I have taken heed to the words of Truth Himself:- “The Lord thy God is one.” (Deut. 6.4) And “Thou


Trinitarian Tuesdays: The Sun

A Theology Professor of mine introduced me to this concept… these aren’t his words, but the concept is the same:


What is God primarily? @energion

Vick notes that for the Adventist, God is Judge. That is nearly the sum total of their dogmatics, that God