Toward a Theology of Mental Health and Wholeness (1)

My project for the new year has been to make an attempt at a theology dealing with mental health. While


Pannenberg on the embrace of Creatures by God the Creator

If God is Creator, what does this mean for His Creatures? Talk about the means and ends of the divine


Guroian on the Divine Name

This is actually a footnote to discussing St Ephram the Syrian’s view.    


Malleus Progressivorum, chapter the second Adopted or not

Adoptionism is the belief that Christ was born human, not of a virgin (to most historic adoptionists, but not all),


Chalcedonian Entanglements

Unfortunately, many today seem to insist upon the finality of our modern ideas. If it is new, it is without


St. Basil and the vileness that is Oneness Pentecostalism

A subversion of faith is being contemplated among you, hostile to both apostolic and evangelical doctrines, and hostile to the


St. Hilary on true miracles #advent14ccumwv

The Christian Ed director at our local UMC congregation has started a nifty advent idea. Each day, we have a


does the 2nd Person of the Trinity tell us about the sacred worth of others?

My interest in the concept of personhood is multifarious as I believe it will help in building a proper theology for