a moment for the Creed

I was fortunate enough to give a quick Liturgy Moment on the Creed this AM at All Saints. For long time


the Creed in light of ecumenicism and academia

From ]]’s, Canon and Creed: At this ecumenically untoward moment, there are even renewed concerns about confessional identity. Since the


was the Creed of 325 “new?”

No. A quick survey of pre-Dan Brown literature reveals that several rules of faith existed in the early 2nd century.

Church History

The #BlackLivesMatter Creed

The Ferguson Declaration: A Black Lives Matter Creed (Long Version) If you want to sign the Black Lives Matter Creed,


“For us and our salvation” – who is the “us”?

There is a spot in the Creed of 381 that came under discussion yesterday: For us men and for our


“the earliest creed is…” moving on…

I keep hearing this tired refrain: “‘Jesus is Lord’ is the earliest creed.” They are pulling this phrase from 1


The Afghanistan Creed

I had the opportunity to travel to Afghanistan before the US involvement there. It was an incredibly rewarding trip in


John and Charles Wesley lived by the Creeds

There is this constant rumor John Wesley thought the creed a weak source or somehow unnecessary. I cannot find this