Boethius on the Unity of God

Thought that this might be interesting. While looking West, I find that they were much more focused on the Unity, while the East, even now, seems to be focused on the Plurality.

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Boethius on Total Depravity

How many are they, think you, who would think themselves raised to heaven if the smallest part of the remnants of your good fortune fell to them? This very place, which you call a place of exile, is home to those who live herein. Thus there is nothing wretched unless you think it to be so: and in like manner he who bears all with a calm mind finds his lot wholly blessed. (here)

I wounder how Boethius would have felt of the ‘total depravity’ which many feel that humanity dwells in?

You can find his entire work here, or order it on line, here.

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