ἀποστροφή in Genesis 3:16 – Thoughts?

Kurk (because he is sorta insisting, I think) is in a conversation regarding Genesis 3.16 in the LXX. It is


Scratchpad: Exegesis of the Greek 2 Samuel 7.1-17

Yep, the gift of Seminary. Personally, and don’t tell my wife I said this, but I am thinking that the


Following up on Isaiah 65.1-7 and Mark 5.1-20

As we turn to the exegesis of Mark 5.1-20, which I have already weighted heavily with the idea that Mark


Is Isaiah 65.1-7 LXX Mark’s Literary Backdrop in Mark 5.1-20?

I am currently writing my exegesis paper on Mark 5.1-20. This passage, specifically in the LXX, was brought to my


On Christian Doctrine – Augustine on the Study of Languages and the Septuagint

Just some casual reading…. 6. And hence it happened that even Holy Scripture, which brings a remedy for the terrible


Gipp, Irenaeus, and The Septuagint

Jason is taking on the argument made by many KJVO’ers, that the Greek Old Testament didn’t really exist: When one


Psalm 151: A New Translation

A few years ago, when I taught a youth Sunday School class, I asked them to read Psalm 151 in


Deuteronomy 33.26-29, (LXX) Some thoughts

“There is no one like the God of the Beloved, Who rides the heavens and is your help, And the