Book Notice: Catholic Holy Bible Reader’s Edition from @TyndaleHouse

As long time readers of the blog may recall, I am a huge fan of the New Living Translation. It

Bible Translation

Wrestling with the Two Headed Monster of John 3.16

Hello My name is Jeremy Shank. I am pastor at Thornville UMC in the Foothills District. I am currently blogging


Review, “@TyndaleHouse Select NLT: Select Reference Edition”

For the bibliophile, there is barely anything more joyful than a finely pieced book. Yes, it is about the interior,


@tyndalehouse Review: Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT

In anything except for relationships, it is always grand to return to your first love. As a young and nubile


What will the U.S. Department of State do with the #NLT?

Thought this was fun…  


In the Mail: Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT

Thanks to the kind folks at Tyndale House for sending this review copy: The Bible is the story of God’s


The Study Bible Wars: NLT 1, ESV 0

I wanted to highlight just a few things about the NLT Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible as a


A Sample Review: NLT Parallel Study Bible Sampler

Thanks to Adam for this Sampler. The entire bible is due on August 1. As a fan of the NLT