King James Bible Online release top ten searched Bible Verses of 2012

Thought this may be of interest to US readers, especially given that I know Americans only read and trust the


Best review of the King James Bible ever

Sorry… a little off-humor, but I am a little off.


King James Version Onlyism – The Paper what will Change the Course of History

So this post was originally the paper – but now it is in this book:


Ryken on the Importance of the KJV

Thought you might enjoy this… ]] is a Christian and an English professor, so perhaps it’s a given that he


Contrary to Opinion, the KJV WAS NOT published in 33ad

Seventeen percent of those surveyed believe the King James Bible was first released shortly after the time of Christ. Younger


When you report on the KJV, get it right

As I was politely reading the newspaper this morning, politely, I ran across a ‘story’ by Ron Grossman of the


Revelation 22:18-19, KJVO Style

Image via Wikipedia The last sermon I heard preached at the previous place of worship was by a very angry


Goodspeed on the Preface to the KJV 1611

Thanks to Suzanne for pointing this out. No book means so much to religion as the Bible. In all its