Canon vs. Scripture

Damian crafts and argument, then writes

In my experience, the fact that a writing is in the Bible (the fact that it’s on ‘the List’)  indicates its scriptural status to most Christians. Hence, it is the authority of the list that tends to be revered, rather than the authority of the books. This is made especially evident in the fact apocryphal books have now for the most part been rejected from most Protestant bibles: People recognize anything on ‘the list’ as authoritative.

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Canon vs. Scripture « Castle of Nutshells.

If throughout Church history, non-canonical books (well, the Protestant Canon anyway) have been used to secure doctrine or for the well being of the church, what makes the 66 books of Luther any more inspired than the 81+ of the Ethiopians?

(Note, this is not alluding to the canonization of such books, but only as a discussion)

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