Canon, Thomas, Francis Watson (@eerdmansbooks)

I’m posting this under my new category of doctoral work. I will use this as a way to track different things that come to my attention I will need as I explore my thesis. 

And several thrilling chapters where I was able to watching ]] demolish the need for Q, the author now turns to the place of Thomas in the Synoptic discussion. I have recently found this very interesting as I started to lay out my prospectus for my Ph.D. work. I will focus on the Fourth Gospel’s use of Deuteronomy. Because this hypersensitivity to the issue of Thomas among the Gospels, Watson’s statement on 218 caught my eye,

The enduring influence of the canonical decision is also evident in connection with the Gospel of Thomas…, which, some decades after its discovery, has still not been successfully integrated into any overarching account of gospel origins.

I need to keep this truth in mind as I explore my own thesis for the next few years.

Where do you think Thomas fits into the canonical discussion?

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