@CandidaMoss’s take on @Time’s selection of @pontifex as Person of the Year

Time’s editors couldn’t be more correct when they declare that Pope Francis has changed the “tone and perception” of the Catholic Church.

But do they really understand him?

via What Time Magazine Got Wrong About the Pope – POLITICO Magazine.

A very spot on take.

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2 Replies to “@CandidaMoss’s take on @Time’s selection of @pontifex as Person of the Year”

  1. Could it be that Time’s management is still channeling Clare Boothe Luce, the second wife of Time’s late founder Henry “Harry” Luce? Clare was ardent papist; and Harry, whose father had been a Presbyterian missionary in China, was a nominal convert to Catholicism.
    Meanwhile, the world would be much better off if Fox News stuck to news and stayed out of politics. Of course, they don’t really know much about either.

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