Can You be a Christian and…

There seems to be an ongoing trend with this sort of article lately. Can you be a Christian and be a homosexual? Can you be a Christian and have a beer? Can you be a Christian and go to fortune tellers? Can you be a Christian and…the list is seemingly endless. These articles seem to have a few things in common. They all mention the necessity of loving each other, they all mention teachings of scripture, they all mention following Jesus, and they all are focused on one particular act, seemingly to the exclusion of all others, that will define you as a Christian or not. Few, if any, seem to mention faith in any substantial way. So my question is can you be a Christian and write an article such as that? Can you be a Christian and suggest someone else is not based upon an action and not upon the grace through faith that scripture lists as our salvation? I don’t know the answer to those questions, but I know the answer to this one…can you be a Christian and not recognize Jesus Christ as savior and sovereign? The answer to that one is no. Perhaps it is in our best interests as Christians to stick to the answer we know without question.


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  1. One of great games in – perhaps even fatal flaw of – Christianity has been expounding on who is or who is not Christian. This curious spectacle is so interwoven into the religion as to be found in the faith’s New Testament origins! Since then, wars have been fought over it. Some people have been put to death over it. Others have been exiled because of it. These days, excommunication seems to be the tactic of choice in this rather barbaric, and indeed self-defeating, purification ritual. Small wonder that Christianity isn’t taken as seriously as proponents might wish.

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