Can we Rescue the Perishing – The Family/Children of God

I was watching MSNBC last night and caught a glimpse of a show entitled Cult Killer, concerning The Family, or Children of God. It was disturbing to say the least. It made me ask a question.

While watching the young man who had committed suicide because of the sexual abuse that he had to experience, I listened to his words. He didn’t believe in god, at least the Christian God (who he describe only in a sexual manner), but admitted that he might believe in a god because he was thinking about an afterlife. He didn’t want life to continue, he said.

Can someone get so scarred as not to be able to come to Christ? This young man was so deeply scared by his encounters with the cult that he had such a deep hatred not only for the cult, but his perceived Christianity, any god really, and himself, it seemed.

How can we reach those that are hurt so deeply by a perceived Christianity? And can God grant mercy and grace through the hatred, after life is done? This man was adamantly against religion and ended his life.

His story is detailed below.

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