Can the Talmud and the Toledoth Jesu prove the Historical Jesus?

Other Talmud references to Jesus indicated that Jesus was “treated differently from others who led the people astray, for he was connected with royalty.” These Talmud accounts were written long before the New Testament was assembled. They provide clear evidence that Jesus did live. The Talmud does not embrace Christ as a deity and would have no reason to sanction his existence. The Talmud also states that Jesus was 33 or 34 years old when he died. The risen Christ is the foundation of Christianity. But Christ would have to have lived and died before His resurrection could become an historical factor.

Toledoth Jesu is also part of Jewish writing, as well. The disputed text states that the disciples of Jesus had planned to steal the fallen body of Christ. However, a gardener named Juda discovered their plans and dug a new grave in his garden. Then he removed Jesus’ body from Joseph’s tomb and placed it in his own newly dug grave. The disciples came to the original tomb, found Jesus’ body gone and proclaimed him risen. The Jewish leaders also proceeded to Joseph’s tomb and found it empty. Juda then took them to his grave and dug up the body of Jesus. The Jewish leaders were greatly relieved and wanted to take the body. Juda replied that he would sell them the body of Jesus and did so for thirty pieces of silver. The Jewish priests then dragged Jesus’ body through the streets of Jerusalem. Strangely enough, Juda and Judas are similar, in the Talmud Juda receives thirty pieces of silver and in the New Testament Judas receives thirty pieces of silver. Shortly after this time, the Emperor decreed that grave robbing in Palestine would be a capital offense.

These commentaries have been discredited by Jewish and Christian scholars. The anti-Christian commentary was created in the fifth century. The importance of this passage, historically correct or not, is to place Jesus in the tomb of Joseph after crucifixion and to record the consternation of the Jewish Priests. This places historic significance on the fact that Jesus did live and die in history. He was not a myth. (from here: Proving the historic Jesus.)

Some information here… which may be worth considering. Can detracting sources help us prove the Historical Jesus?

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3 Replies to “Can the Talmud and the Toledoth Jesu prove the Historical Jesus?”

  1. I am a bit rusty on my Talmudic studies, but is it strictly the case that these Talmud accounts were “written long before the New Testament was assembled”? I was under the impression that the Talmuds were an ongoing process that didn’t wrap up until much later. Those accounts seem like they are ways to undermine the prevailing notions of Christianity, not to provide historical accounts. Also, there is a lot in Talmuds that is just straight made up by Rabbis to tell a good story or reinforce a point. Not sure how much use these are, even given how much I care about the outcome…

  2. TJ like all inflammatory documents such as the protocols of zion (Chamberlain) were inspired by the church catholic and her “hidden Tzaddiks” i.e. jesuits. There is nothing like a little persecution to make a tired old mind control religion thrive. The whole protestant reformation was orchestrated by them (Luther, Pfefferkorn, et al.) because the people were losing interest due to the Rennaisance. Like the way a neurotic wife will make superficial slashes on her wrists to gain attention from a disinterested husband. It worked, and we are still feeling the effects well into the 21st century. That is why they say she is responsible for all the blood spilt on the earth.

  3. “‘Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’ And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple” George Orwell 1984

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