Can T. Michael Law convert Little Honey Tee Tee?

First, I challenge the lovely little guy who has become the Little Honey Boo Boo of the blogging-troll world to read this post.

…I thought I should tell you about a new collection of essays to be released in Spring 2013, edited by Christopher M. Hays and Christopher Ansberry. They have given it the title, Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism. If you are interested in this question, I’ll make one brief, personal comment. I have read a few of these essays and think these (mostly early career) scholars have laid out the options to people who wish to identify as evangelicals but not as anti-intellectual ones, and I think the non-polemical tone of the work might well go some way to recruiting a few more ‘undecideds’ away from fundamentalism…

I challenge Li’l Honey to read and comment on every one of Dr. T. Michael Law’s posts… Everyone… and if he does, I will give him a short space on this blog to correct, unhindered, everyone of my faults. Every single one. I’ll even tell him about the dirty secrets I haven’t told anyone. I mean, if he is not converted by Dr. Law… if the law is not laid down to a Tee… (see what I did there?)

What do you say, Li’l Honey? Are you up for the challenge


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