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A month or so ago, I reviewed Cambridge New Living Translation. I mentioned that I have five Cambridges, but I have forgotten all about this one. I the Revised Version, with a date of 1898. It is a zipper bible but it is in very fine condition, and could still be used if I wasn’t used the NLT and numerous other versions before I would use the RV.

I reckon what I am saying is, yes, a Cambridge is word the money.

rv cambridge 1

rv cambridge 2

rv cambridge 3

rv cambridge 4

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42 Replies to “Cambridge Revised Version”

    1. I believe I bought this one from England (via eBay). As a matter of fact, most of my old bibles I have bought come from there. (As well as a few of my Tholuck Commentaries).

      The Cambridge Bible is the finest bible money can buy, I believe.

  1. Yes, and everyone apparently swipes cross-references from the 1898 Revised edition. I’ve seen both the NRSV Cambridge Cross-reference and the ESV Cross-Reference make note of this fact.

    And not a single bit of bible software available, back then, either. They knew how to research in the day.

        1. Rome did give the Imprimatur for the older Monsignor Ronald Knox Transation (1945). This was English from Card. Giffin Bernard given in 1954. But it is only the work of the NT. I have a two English copies myself. In places Knox is every good! Ronald Knox was an Anglican priest before he went to Rome, (died 1957).

          1. I have, unfortunately, only heard of that translation, seeing but parts of it. I wish I have an whole copy.

            I realize that for many, the Imp. is still needed, which i think is what hurt the NLT Catholic Reference, at least in part.

          2. I just discovered I had it! Are their particular sections, passages, which you find done really well?

          3. I find this one well done (:))

            Take strength, my own son, from the grace which dwells in Christ Jesus. Thou hast learned, from many who can witness to it, the doctrine which I hand down; give it into the keeping of men thou canst trust, men who will know how to teach it to others besides themselves. Then, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus, take thy share of hardship. Thou art God’s soldier, and the soldier on service, if he would please the captain who enlisted him, will refuse to be entangled in the business of daily life; the athlete will win no crown, if he does not observe the rules of the contest; the first share in the harvest goes to the labourer who has toiled for it. Grasp the sense of what I am saying; the Lord will give thee quick insight wherever it is needed. Fix thy mind on Jesus Christ, sprung from the race of David, who has risen from the dead; that is the gospel I preach, and in its service I suffer hardship like a criminal, yes, even imprisonment; but there is no imprisoning the word of God. For its sake I am ready to undergo anything; for love of the elect, that they, like us, may win salvation in Jesus Christ, and eternal glory with it.
            (2Ti 2:1-10)

          4. and every tongue must confess Jesus Christ as the Lord, dwelling in the glory of God the Father. Beloved, you have always shewn yourselves obedient; and now that I am at a distance, not less but much more than when I am present, you must work to earn your salvation, in anxious fear. Both the will to do it and the accomplishment of that will are something which God accomplishes in you, to carry out his loving purpose. (Php 2:11-13 Knox NT)

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