Call for Papers coming soon…. Overwhelmed with the Response @energion

There have been people contacting me about the forthcoming book. From going to write to going to read, to, and this is the most affirming of all… ‘I need this book.’

Again, this will be about overcoming a spiritual crisis of faith… in the dramatic move from fundamentalism to faith.

The papers – I’ll issue the CFP on Thursday – will need to be from 3k to 8k (or beyond). Why? Because it has to be a complete story. You can include theology, and the such. I mean, it is difficult to move in such a dramatic fashion without some move in theology. You’ll get to explain this.

One thing though…. don’t demonize.

Let this be therapeutic.

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One Reply to “Call for Papers coming soon…. Overwhelmed with the Response @energion”

  1. Please change names and locations if there are those who would be hurt by your story, especially if it is to protect innocents. Let us know what has happened and why the move occurred as well as how far you have come in the journey. Many are just starting, some are deep in the journey, some are well established. What have you learned and what can be ahead. As stated above, please do not demonize.

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