Call for Papers… Coming Soon, I promise, but… one more detail

Many of us bloggers have written about our stories, somewhat, on our post.

If you paper is accepted, you’ll have to do something about removing your stories from your blog.

No one is going to buy the milk jug if they can get the milk for free. Amma, right?


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3 Replies to “Call for Papers… Coming Soon, I promise, but… one more detail”

  1. I would disagree. Not that it really concerns me, as I am not writing an entry. Maybe if what someone is contributing is basically just the content of one blog post or a series, then that would have to be removed from the blog first. But if what that person has blogged is just some tantalising hints or scattered thoughts in many different posts, then quite likely others will want to buy the book to see the person’s story as a logical whole. On the same basis, online Bibles tend to increase rather than reduce the sales of printed copies of that version.

    And I wouldn’t want anyone telling me what I can write or keep on my blog.

    Anyway I would expect your audience not to be mainly avid blog readers. And very few people read old blog posts. So it would make negligible difference to sales.

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