Call for Grant Proposals: Biologos Foundation

The BioLogos Foundation is pleased to announce a $3.5 million grants program sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation. This program is designed for scholars, church leaders, and parachurch organizations to explore and address theological and philosophical concerns commonly voiced by Christians about theistic evolution. We also invite proposals which explore how evolution as God’s tool, enriches Christian faith.

Pre-proposals will be submitted through a grant portal beginning April 16, 2012, and are due June 15, 2012. For more information we invite you to visit

At the above website, you’ll find:

The BioLogos Foundation, with the support of a generous grant from The John Templeton Foundation, is pleased to announce a grants program, “Evolution and Christian Faith,” for 2012-2015.  The BioLogos Foundation invites young and established scholars, as well as church leaders and parachurch organizations, to apply for funds in order to explore:

  • Theological and philosophical challenges created by the theory of evolution
  • Whether the theory of evolution can enrich Christian theology and experience
  • Whether the Christian worldview provides new insights into the evolutionary process
  • Effective means of helping Christians appreciate the conclusions of mainstream science, while also respecting their own theological tradition

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