By your condemnation of #LGBT you shall be known

This is going around – Thoughts?

by your condemnation

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13 Replies to “By your condemnation of #LGBT you shall be known”

  1. At the risk of a bad pun, LGBT is merely the sexy issue in a broader spectrum being rejected by Millennials. It’s not just the church. Everything from Detroit’s comeback through Costco’s marketing strategy and onto life in suburbia is vulnerable to Millennials’ rewriting of the rules.

  2. Oh, let’s find out all the reasons for people’s discontentment and fashion a church just for them and then we’ll find out it won’t work either! John 6:65-67 (Emphasis on “no one comes to me except is given him of the Father, but perhaps coming to church and coming to Jesus is not the same thing… and… of course, the Gospel of John is the oldest thus not reliable… Jesus couldn’t possibly be a Calvinist and say what He John records in vs. 65…) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ – Triple wink!

  3. What is missed here are the specifics. Are Millennials leaving the Church, for example, because of what the Church teaches about homosexuality or because the Church is seen as opposing gay rights.

    1. From this and other studies, I believe I’d have to nail it down to the latter, not so much to the belief system but the actions many take. Actions include, as you know, opposing gay rights, and seeming to focus only on homosexual issues.

    2. In general, Millennials hate the culture wars. That’s one of the factors that attracted conservative college students to Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns.

  4. As usual someone hasn’t read How to Lie with Statistics”. The 31% window looks almost twice the size of the 23% one, because the natural interpretation is to look at the area rather than the height.

      1. The issue may not be so much the numbers as the presentation thereof.

        By the way, another little text in the same genre is The History of Pi. In many ways, it reflects the battle between conservativism and liberalism within the church.

      2. I’m accept the stats. The problem is the presentation. The church windows are scaled in two dimension, meaning the the Millenial appears 80% larger than the Generation X, rather than the correct 35%.

  5. Come on. It’s about hypocrisy. Period.
    When someone tells you there’s a 70% chance of rain, you get an umbrella, you don’t argue with the meteorologist while you’re getting wet.
    Young people aren’t stupid people. They see the way their so-called elders are either destroying earth and societies/cultures to dominate resourcesas others are only standing idly by in denial as oppressive restrictions are imposed that may/are benefitting themselves.
    The organized religions are seen by a large segment of the young as only benefitting the power structures, while they and their children get left with the bag.

    1. This every man or woman out for him or herself phenomenon – otherwise known a greed – eventually happens to all empires as they crumble. A Hail Mary-like solution in the form of a dictatorship soon follows. It is the beginning of the end.

      Loss of faith in the church (double entendre absolutely intended) is merely part of a broader loss of trust in the system. The LGBT issue is a symptom of a much more profound problem. A more troubling difficult with the church stems from a selective and myopic view of biblical texts. Those prostitutes in pulpits need to acquire bigger Bibles and a smaller wallets!

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