Buy Gifts – Support Good Work – It’s a Merry Christmas for Everyone

Winter Weeds by Jeff Carter on
If you’re looking for a way to combine shopping for Christmas (Birthday, New Year’s,  Anniversary, whatever…) gifts – and supporting a charitable organization, you could do worse than these attractive photographs.  You can purchase them either as a digital download -from which you could produce Christmas cards to send out- ($2.99) or as a professional quality print.  And there are lots of options here:  you can have them printed on one of a variety of materials (canvas, archival quality paper, birchwood, acrylic, mirror), in several sizes (S, M, L, XL) and with a number of different framing options.  The prices are pretty decent, too – varying by the different options and sizes.

– And, what is more, you’ll be supporting the work of the Salvation Army in Newton, Iowa.  My portion of these sales will be given to The Salvation Army- so that we can continue to meet human needs without discrimination in Jasper County, Iowa.

You get great gifts, The Salvation Army gets to continue its services. It’s a Merry Christmas (Happy Birthday, New Year’s, Anniversary, whatever…) for everyone.

If you’d like to purchase one (or more…) of these photographs, click here.  Thank you.

Not the Three Wise Men You Were Expecting by Jeff Carter on

Not the Three Wise Men You Were Expecting by Jeff Carter

Crab Apple Tree in November  by Jeff Carter

Crab Apple Tree in November (2) by Jeff Carter on












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