Lust (Photo credit: Project-128)

Since I opened the Facebook page, I’ve tried to cut down on posting random, not mine, items. However, I wanted to share this because I think it drives home so many points.

Sometimes, we use headlines to drive home points.

Sometimes, we use headlines to score views.

Sometimes, our headlines reveal a lot about what society is focused on.

Often times, we use women as marketing ploys because they are nothing more than the thigh gap and the arm they are attached too.


Seriously, look at this. It is awesome. The public waits in anticipation to see a beautiful woman ugly, a happy woman sad, and a clothed woman embarrassingly naked. We are allowed to become focused only on the female as an object of lust. How dare they look natural and normal and experience life as a normal person!!

We have defined normal and perfect and beauty not based on realistic people, but upon what we are told they are by people who then feed off of us regurgitating it back to them. It is a dehumanizing cycle.

Imagine if we treated women and others exploited as a person, complete with personhood, rather that marketable objects of desire.

Sex sells because we buy it.


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