But, Jim, this is not “twitter theology” but Catholic, and dare I say, biblical theology #WWCZD?


Hasn’t Jim read the bible?

Then He said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” From that hour the disciple took her into his own household. (John 19.27, NASB)

This disciple is us, Jim! Us.

Not only this, but to imply that this is purely twitter is to deny the authority of the Tradition of Mary. Saints long before us venerated Mary properly. Zwingli had no real issue with Mary. And of course Zwingli’s disciple, Bullinger.

The veneration of Mary as our Mother is biblical and supported by Tradition up to and including the Reformers.

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9 Replies to “But, Jim, this is not “twitter theology” but Catholic, and dare I say, biblical theology #WWCZD?”

  1. “This disciple is us” – that’s an interesting theological perspective! Are you now claiming that everything written about the “beloved disciple” in John’s Gospel is in fact written about every Christian believer? Does that mean that we all wrote that Gospel (21:24)? I guess there is a typological sense in which we all are that disciple, and certainly Jesus loves us all. But it is ridiculous to imply that a practical instruction to look after a living mother means a directive to revere her after she is dead. Well done to Jim for puncturing the Pope’s pretensions.

    1. You agree with Jim? I’m going to have to mark this down. It might even change his position.

      I think you are going for a rather large leap here in suggesting that by using a recognized typological image to assert a theological precept I am thus inferring backwards so that all images enshrined in the Gospel are thus rendered the same. That’s rather pretentious, I must say.

      Further, both you and Jim forget this is standard Catholic (and Orthodox) theology, to see Mary as such. This has nothing to do either with twitter or a singular Pope.

      1. So the theology behind this “recognized typological image” is that you, or the Pope, pick and choose which “images enshrined in the Gospel” are understood typologically, without any consistency or controls, no doubt to fit in with their own presuppositions? Yes, I am aware that this is standard Roman Catholic (and maybe Orthodox) error. And my objection is standard Protestant teaching, which is something I do have in common with Jim and for that matter with most United Methodists. You are the one who is out of step here, as you have not yet swum the Tiber.

        1. Wow, that’s a lot of error in there.

          I’m not picking and choosing anything. Neither is the Pope. There is consistency, actually, just not one Protestants are familiar with.

          As speaking up for normal protestant theology is a little odd for you, ain’t it? I mean, the charismatic bit and all. That’s not normal. Cough cough, I mean normal protestant theology.

          As far as Mary — Wesley was an Anglican… and prayed a rosary and believed in the perpetual virginity at the very least. I’ve heard other UMC theologians call for a more profound theological discussion on Mary as well.

          And I’m just waitin on the waters to warm up.

          1. Joel, I know I am not consistently traditional Protestant. But then you are not consistently official Roman Catholic. So rather than fall out over this, let’s just agree that probably no one, Catholic or Protestant, is entirely consistent in how they interpret biblical teaching on Mary, or for that matter on any subject.

  2. What folks miss here is the fact that Mary was indeed ever-virgin, just as the church always held. Both Jewish and Christian tradition, even by command is that if a widow have family/children let them take care of her. Jesus gives her into apostolic care because she has no other children! And the father’s do affirm the significance and tenderness of her motherhood of “all the living” of the second Adam, as Eve was with the first Adam.

  3. What if John was already her son? Blows all this antagonistic theology implied by this verse out of the water, hmm. Keep an open mind or sophia may go somewhere else….

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