But is the Diatessaron about Memory or Ease?


The Jesus Blog: So you need a dissertation topic (Installment 3) – The Diatessaron as a Site of Counter-Memory.

That’s some, um, dudes there.

Anyway, Anthony Le Donne has suggested that those interested in social-memory (I am, especially when it comes to Mark. I figured Matthew and Luke (and John) were “remembering Mark. Also, there is no oral tradition after Mark) could focus on a variety of issues dealing with Justin’s star pupil.

I think that harmonization has little to do with memory but a lot to do with the Greco-Roman canon. I’ll need to do more with that, but there it is. Of course, I think Mark’s ending leads to Matthew, and Luke takes his cue for canon from Matthew. And there is John’s ending which by all

Wait. I’ll stop there on that one.

I would like to see how the Diatessaron shaped memory, however.

Umm…. Anyway, take a gander at the post.

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5 Replies to “But is the Diatessaron about Memory or Ease?”

  1. Memory is always reactionary and always serves to determine the limits of identity (collective and otherwise). In this way, “counter-memory” is just a particular kind of memory… although more focused and politically motivated. The very fact that a harmonization interested some within Early Xnty demonstrates something very interesting about Xn identity formation. That many with in Early Xnty preferred a four-fold Gospels tradition tells us something even more interesting about Xn identity formation. Tatian’s work is a textbook example of memory distortion by way of socio-typical categorization.

    …or not; whatever, it’s not my dissertation topic.

    1. Not sure really. I cannot always be held accountable for my titles.

      Memory may have something play, but as to what? Yes, to identity formation. That I can agree with, but Tat. may have been moving to do away with contradictions… making him the first evangelical… which does speak about formation.

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