But… But… Noah… Moses and that Giggie guy…

Scientists have discovered water that has been trapped in rock for more than a billion years. The water might contain microbes that evolved independently from the surface world, and it’s a finding that gives new hope to the search for life on other planets.

via Water Trapped For 1.5 Billion Years Could Hold Ancient Life : NPR.

Gotta love science, folks. The headline caught my attention due to the hidden water beneath the surface. Guess when the fountains of the deep broke up, this water was the only water left.

Wait, that doesn’t make sense. That was 6000 years ago according to some Irish dude, not 1.5 million years ago according to scientific fact. Not that there is a shred of evidence of a world wide flood 6000 years ago.

And, on another topic, science is awesome. Recently, we’ve seen some decent breakthroughs in the search for life here and out there. Maybe one day, we will find life among the stars before our species is gone.

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2 Replies to “But… But… Noah… Moses and that Giggie guy…”

  1. Given that bacteria is supposed to be at least 3.5 billion years old, they should find life in that water. I’m wondering why they say it will take a year to know. To make sure the samples of life they find haven’t been contaminated by surface microbes?

  2. I guess I should add my two cents on the question of the origin (not the evolution) of life. So far it remains a mystery. Scientists continue to search for a materialistic explanation, but keep running into dead ends.

    When we examine even the simplest bacteria we find organisms that process “information” in a much more sophisticated way than our most complex computers. Perhaps one day we’ll find a materialistic explanation, but common sense intuition suggests that we should be looking for something above and beyond that.

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