Bultmann's order for John

During a recent conversation at BBB, the blogger at Church Discipline made mention of a post that he had written sometime ago about Bultmann’s (as if he is important) order for the Gospel of John. Not content with how the Gospel appears, Bultmann decided to rearrange John’s Gospel:

One thing that is very nice about Price’s book is that John is in Bultmann’s order. Having now tried it, wow does it make a difference! So since people aren’t going to buy Price based on my recommendation I figured I would presents the corrected order to read John in, seriously give it a try. Because it is hard to follow visually for those trying to see how chapters break up, I’ve color coded each of the divided chapters.

1, 2:1-13a, 5, 7:15-24, 3:22-30, 4, 6, 7:1-14, 7:25-29, 7:40-43:, 7:30-32, 7:44-52, 7:37-39, 9, 8:12-20, 10:19-29, 10:1-18, 10:30-42, 11, 12:1-19, 7:53, 8:1-11, 2:13b-25, 8:31-59, 3:1-13, 3:31-36, 12:20-33, 7:33-36, 8:21-30, 12:34-36a, 3:14-21, 12:44-50, 12:36b-43, 13:1-35, 15:9-17, 14:15-24, 15:1-8, 15:18-27, 16:1-23a, 14:1-14, 16:23b-33, 14:25-30, 13:36-38, 17-21

Frankly, while John’s Gospel does appear out of order in some places, when compared to the Synoptics, I always thought that it was the flair of the author  used to highlight certain things at certain times. I will attempt to read John, in the order Bultmann suggestion – but their is just something special about the way John, I believe, wrote it.

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4 Replies to “Bultmann's order for John”

  1. Well thank you for the mention.  As an aside to the readers here neither Price nor Bultmann believed John wrote it, and from what I can tell Price doesn’t seem to be believe there ever was a “John” in any meaningful sense.
    But I am curious about your comment that Bultmann isn’t important.  I can see you disagreeing but not important?  Would you want to elaborate?

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