Building a Bibliography for a Study on the Psalms of Solomon

As some of you may remember, I have a certain affinity for ‘intertestamental’ literature, such as the Deuterocanon and the Psalms of Solomon. I will be spending some time this week on a special project to expand what I have written, bringing in other sources into the work. To that end, I am trying to build a bibliography of useful works on the Psalms:

These are the books that I have borrowed from our local library,

I should be able to get access to JSTOR in the next few days which will open up journal articles, but for now, these will be the sources that I am working with, plus anything that I can find on Google Books.

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3 Replies to “Building a Bibliography for a Study on the Psalms of Solomon”

  1. Here's a quick copy and paste from my dissertation footnotes:

    Gene L. Davenport, “The 'Anointed of the Lord' in Psalms of Solomon 17,” in Ideal Figures in Ancient Judaism: Profiles and Paradigms (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Scholars Press, 1980)

    Robert B. Wright, The Psalms of Solomon: A Critical Edition of the Greek Text (London: T & T Clark International, 2007)

  2. Academic books or very expensive, and unfortunately, the closest thing we have to a decent library is in Ohio of all places. Thanks for help, Rick. Any quotes you can share?

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