brief news on the WCA #seeyouinChicago

“Our meeting was both serious and hopeful,” said Dr. David Watson, academic dean at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. “We prayed together, broke bread, shared ideas, agreed and disagreed, and learned from each other. We affirmed together that we are not another caucus group, but a community established for mutual encouragement, resourcing, and accountability. We simply want to embody Wesleyan holiness in a way that is already articulated in United Methodism’s Doctrinal Standards, but is often set aside in actual practice.”

Source: Leaders Launch WCA & Latest on Chicago

I’ll write a post later about why I’m going.

But it begins with… I’m not going to join a caucus group…and ends with… I want people to value our covenant…and then talks a lot about how we need a return to Wesleyan theology.

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  1. Well, the new WCA is the only hope for the Methodist Denomination (refuse to call it united because it isn’t)…..I hope the WCA meeting in Chicago on Oct 7 will be the beginning of a way to divide and go on with a “TRUE”….Methodists beliefs, Book of Discipline in it’s fullness not changed and a moral way forward!…..It is our only way before the UMD is no more and that is what will happen if something is not done….People are leaving in droves in the USA where our morals are in the toilet!….
    So I am hanging in there till I see what comes of the WCA gathering in Oct…..’

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