Brian Sewell Gay Writer and Broadcaster “I will not convert to Gay Marriage”.

Posted by Milton Almeida

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It proves nothing but the fact that the gay community is not the “Borg”… the Collective Intelligence, as widely believed. Some do think on their own!

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10 Replies to “Brian Sewell Gay Writer and Broadcaster “I will not convert to Gay Marriage”.”

  1. Does it offend you that this guy calls the “gay marriage” apologists “minority”? Does it bother you that he says that he is okay and lives in peace with whatever legal union they were able to conquer? Which enemy? Who is stereotyping?

  2. Using his logic, there should be no marriage for anyone from a government standpoint. Only civil unions. If marriage is a church sacrament only, and for one man and one woman, then we should go back to being really biblical. No divorce allowed under any circumstances. After all, “one man, one woman”, doesn’t mean, “one man, one woman, get divorced, then another man, another woman”. See if that will fly in the electorate. Outlaw divorce!

    1. Decades ago, some wag defined marriage and having been reduced to being a little more than a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that is recognized by the police.

        1. As with marriage, divorce is a money-making proposition. Only, in some instances, divorce can actually be more profitable for third parties. In fact, much like natural disasters, divorce can actually be said to boost the economy!

  3. I have to find an article I wrote a long ago about marriage being a “religious” thing and how many problems this would cause to the church, especially to the same churches that would approve “divorce on demand”. Yesterday I read a comment of a member of the Reformed Church of America pointing out to the hypocrisy of having softened on divorce, ordaining and maintaining divorced ministers while rejecting gay marriage and gay clergy. His point was not that we should accept both, but neither, but once we opened the door to one the commentator sees an inconsistency in the RCA position.

  4. I would be perfectly fine with the church being out of the business of civil marriage altogether. It disturbs me that the church that is to be in this world but not of it is so entangled in legal matters regarding marriage. I think that it would be better for the church and for society that if two wanted the benefits and drawbacks of a civil marriage, they go to the court and petition for it, and if they want the benefit of a union blessed by God, they make that decision by prayer and go to a church that will indeed recognize it. A good bit of the issue with the homosexual marriage problems are that the church is bound by law to recognize the marriage, but not necessarily bound by faith to recognize it. Just a thought form the resident pseudo-anarchist.

  5. I placed an advice to ministers on my Facebook page not long ago and I included a note stating that churches should not be in the business of marrying people and that that is a function of a judge and the church should be in the business of blessing marriages as it used to be when I married in Brazil in 1976. The church should establish rules that everyone could understand such as agreement with their tenets of faith, counseling with the preacher for at least significant amount of time, and being part of that congregation for a certain significant number of time. Even if that would hurt the church financially! The finances involved in marrying anyone and everyone make marriage a business for churches, and the lack of well established understandable rules place the church under the risk of discrimination lawsuits such as the ones we have in England today again’s the Church of England. We need to be wise as serpents while being simple as doves as Jesus commanded.

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